Wrestling’s new villain is named ‘Progressive Liberal.’ Liberals should understand why.

When liberals can finally understand just why the crowds react to him the way they do, they'll start to get how to change their attitude and approach. Empathy instead of condescension, respect instead of contempt for people who are just plain suffering and refusing to let go of what dignity they have left. You don't have to agree with or even like people to care for them and want to help them. Professional wrestling has long included villain characters called heels, someone for the audience to cheer against. Traditionally, though, these are burly, angry men who do “evil” things such as pledging allegiance to the devil or sneak-attacking other wrestlers with chairs and ladders. He’s burly enough, at 6 feet 5 inches tall. But he praises not the devil but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. This might be the first case when a character became a villain by espousing liberal dogma. And it seems to be working — he’s caught the attention of Deadspin, Sports Illustrated, even the right-wing Breitbart. The latter called him “a wrestling heel for the Trump era,” and wrote, “His moves include smugness, condescension, and whining.” His shtick is simple. He plays a smug liberal elitist who lectures the audience on political matters. His enemies are “Fox News maggots.” His fictional character hails from D.C. His wrestling shorts bear a donkey. He insults his fans’ Appalachian accents, correcting them — “Do you live in a holler? No, you live in a hollow.” He even calls his finishing signature wrestling move the “Liberal Agenda.”In one promo video, he wore a shirt patterned with dozens of photos of Hillary Clinton’s face, patched together in a strange collage, and he addressed AMW’s fans: “You people need to be reprogrammed. You continually vote against your own interests. You put people in Congress and the White House that aren’t going to help you. They’re not going to bring your jobs back.” These may not sound like the most scathing of insults, but at a time when politics are a breeding ground for intense, burning emotion, it seems to work brilliantly. Source: Wrestling’s new villain named himself ‘Progressive Liberal.’ Hillary’s on his shirt. - The Washington Post

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Why this blog

This blog is about what I don't know and want to know. I see suffering in so many forms as I go through the day and I want to understand the systems which create it. This is just me talking to myself, but you're welcome to eavesdrop, whoever you are. But I can't promise it will make sense to anyone but me. Let's start with the tomatoes.

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4.1 Miles – The New York Times 

By Daphne Matziaraki This film shows that crucial moment between life and death, where regardless of political beliefs, fears or preparation, some people will go beyond themselves to save a stranger. A coast guard captain on a small Greek island is suddenly charged with saving thousands of refugees from drowning at sea. Source: 4.1 Miles

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Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis? – The New York Times

Nick Kristof reminds us that in 1938, many Americans and Europeans said the same things about Jewish refugees that Donald Trump and Marie Le Pen are saying about Syrian refugees. (They're lying.) In New York City (where a bomb injured 29 people last night) world leaders are meeting for two days to discuss how to deal with a global refugee crisis worse than that of WWII. As today’s leaders gather for their summit sessions, they should remember that history eventually sides with those who help refugees, not with those who vilify them. Source: Would You Hide a Jew From the Nazis? - The New York Times This is the trailer for Ken Burns's new film, Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War, which Nick writes about:

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