How to fight neo-Nazis & oppressive governments

Charlottesville is only the beginning. Resisting the new Nazis overlaps with the need to resist the Trump administration's attempts to deny health care, widen inequality, worsen climate change, and threaten war. However, liberals just look childish if they lump everyone they oppose into one group. The only way for liberals to win is with nonviolence, because nonviolence is the most powerful weapon.

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So that’s why the Mooch went nuts and Trump banned transgender people

When outrageous news comes out of the White House, the question to ask is, what else just happened? When Trump doesn't like the news, he makes other news.

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From one war to the next

The essential problem with armed overthrows is that they rarely win the peace. Victory in the battlefield doesn't create sustainable institutions for a civil society. Pop quiz: when did World War 2 end? The fighting may have stopped in 1945 but the real answer is somewhere in 1947-8, when the Marshall Plan and the Occupation in Japan helped restore normalcy and gave the Japanese and Germans back control. That's why they are such strong allies today. That's why Iraq is not. 

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Qatar: not just the pronunciation that’s confusing

One day last week, Pres. Trump joined Saudi Arabia and a few other countries in condemning Qatar as a sponsor of terrorism. Qatar probably is, but the Saudis themselves have actions for which the president assured them he would not hold them accountable. In taking sides against Qatar, he put the US into a fight in which neither side stands for human rights, equality, or religious freedom. Then, the next day, he sold $12 billion of arms to Qatar. On top of that, he and Sec'y of State Rex Tillerson announced that they would end the traditional iftar dinners which the White House and State Dept. have hosted every Ramadan since 1995, including just a few months after 9/11. This is bound to have a chilling effect on US relations with everyone in the region. It adds to the narrative that Trump is anti-Islam. If his policy seems confusing, it's partly because the whole region's story is confusing. NPR's Planet Money podcast looked at Qatar in a marvelous story that involves falcons, kidnappings, and that freaky orb. Saudi Arabia and several nearby countries have blockaded tiny Qatar, cut off all trade, closed the border. It seemed like overnight, Qatar went from being on top of the world to being a regional pariah.So we wondered: What's going on? Source: Episode 778: What the Falcon's Up With Qatar? : Planet Money : NPR

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